An overview of the media attention for ScanCircle.

Oct. 2017ComputerIdeeTVOnline scan with ScanCircle (Dutch)Video
Sep. 2016ConsumentenbondThe best free software, 86 indispensable programs for every pc (Dutch)Pocket
June 2015Computer EasyGive your PC a full body scan (Dutch)Magazine
June 2015CHIPMedical scan for your computer (Dutch)Magazine
May 2015Clickx.beCheck for problems on your pc (Dutch)Website
Feb. 2015ConsumentengidsSoftware updates really necessary - Many pcs are vulnerable (Dutch)PDF (473kB)
Jan. 2015ConsumentenbondTwo-third of all Windows pcs has severe security issues (Dutch)Press
Jan. 2015RTL NewsLaptops leak (Dutch)TV news item
Apr. 2013ComputerIdeeScanCircle: a light on your pc (Dutch)Magazine & website
Jan. 2013DigitaalgidsScanCircle: an MOT (periodic checkup) for your pc (Dutch)Magazine